January 15th, 2010 | 9:11 pm

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Some of our favorite people and their work!

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  1. Arjunan says:

    To respond: Seton Hall has their own lokecr room. I heard that Seton Hall’s season tickets have not sold well (don’t know a number), but that the 5-game packages have sold very well. Don’t know the numbers yet. All the signage in the arena is electronic, so I’m sure most of it will be blue when SHU plays. I know getting practice time on the court is a serious concern of Gonzo’s. It’s going to be an issue between the arena not being ready yet, the concerts and the Devils games. Not sure how it will work. Not sure about the pre-paid parking. Honestly the people running the tour were Devils people and although they were nice and very informative, they didn’t know a ton about Seton Hall-specific stuff.

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